Speech by Ambassador Erdogan Iscan - KOIMA - 24.02.2010

Erdoğan İşcan 24.02.2010
Statement by Mr Erdogan Iscan, Ambassador of Turkey
Korea Importers Association (KOIMA) CEO Academy
24 February 2010, Seoul, Westin Chosun Hotel
Distinguished Members of KOIMA
Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning, it is a very early, but a very good morning. It is a distinct privilege for me to be able to address you. I thank KOIMA for giving me this opportunity. I thank you all for being here.

I am new in Korea, but an old friend of Korea. Like all other Turkish citizens, I have always had friendly feelings for the Korean people, for Korea. Finally, in the thirty-second year of my diplomatic life, I have the great honour to represent Turkey in Korea.

Now, after having spent only three months here in this fascinating city, Seoul, I have started to understand the true meaning of this deep-rooted, unequalled friendship between the Korean and Turkish peoples. Turks, without hesitation, came here to fight in solidarity with the Korean people for the independence and freedom of Korea. We knew what it meant to be under occupation, we had fought our war of independence only about three decades before the Korean War. We would not let Korea alone in its fight for independence and freedom. Thus, we became "blood brothers".

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