On the occasion of Incheon Festival

Naci Sarıbaş 29.06.2012
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentleman,

It is an honour to be with you this evening. First of all, I would like to congratulate all who contributed to the organization of this festival.

This kind of events which are dedicated to cultural and international exchange gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other and strengthen the friendly relations among our nations. Cultural exchange with other countries is the most effective way of promoting international friendship and peace. It is of utmost importance that it helps us appreciate the diversity, uniqueness and similarities of each other and reach to a better mutual understanding.

In this context, we are committed to make active efforts to expand such exchanges. This year, I launched a Turkish wave in Korea. 2012 is the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Korea. We have upgraded our relations to strategic partnership together with “blood brother” relationship that we enjoy. This year we held many cultural events in Korea and we are planning to hold many others. “2012 Yeosu Expo Turkish Pavilion” has attracted the attention of many visitors. Within the margin of this Expo, we are organizing fashion shows, concerts, exhibitions for the Korean art-lovers. As one of these events, the world-renowned Turkish performance group “Fire of Anatolia” made performances in Seoul and Yeosu. The special exhibition of “Civilizations in Turkey: Emperors of Istanbul”, which is currently being exhibited in the National Museum of Korea, has became the first of its kind to display rich cultural and historical heritage of Turkey in Korea. Furthermore we will be running the Turkish Cultural Week in Seoul in September/October. No doubt through these activities we are able to further strengthen our exemplary relations which has its roots in the history.

I would like to state that we will spare no effort at supporting inter-cultural dialogue and we appreciate to work to this end in cooperation with Jemulpo Club, Korean Cultural Center Incheon Office and Incheon Metropolitan City. Thank you.

Durmuş Ersin Erçin Ambassador
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