Interview with Turkish Ambassador, Maeil Business

Naci Sarıbaş 29.10.2011

Korea is one of the first countries to offer words of consolation and aid for restoration of earthquake on October 23.


At the Turkish Embasy, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Mustafa Naci Saribas said that “there have been many inquiries all over the world to support us for recovering earthquake”.


Recently, it was announced that international aid would be required as the number of casualties reached over 1,400.


Ambassador said that “we are short of temporary houses or tents to settle victims in camps as winter season coming in earthquake area.”


Turkish Government opened 3 bank accounts to receive donation from all countries.


He got strong impression on remembering “blood brothership” between Turkey and Korea that 15,000 soldiers were dispatched to Korea.


“I want closer relations between Korea and Turkey.” He said.

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