Press Release

Seul Büyükelçiliği 03.03.2023


The earthquakes that struck Türkiye simultaneously on the 6th of February has had devastating effects that have been felt through the entire country. Thousands of our citizens have unfortunately lost their lives and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes as a result of the devastation of the earthquake.

Immediately after the news of the disaster spread to South Korea; the Government and all our Korean blood brothers mobilized to share our suffering and was one of the first nations to lend a helping hand.

Great attention was paid to the cash and in-kind aid campaigns started for those affected by the earthquake. Thanks to the selfless donations made by our Korean brothers and sisters, hundred tons of aid supplies have been delivered to the earthquake zone. Korean aid has been a light of hope to Turkish victims in these dark and grim times.

Eagle Logistics, Triple Crown and LogisALL have opened their warehouses to our use free of charge in order to store the aid supplies in a suitable environment and prepare them for shipment.

Companies like Turkish Airlines, LX Pantos, Hyundai Glovis, HMM Co. (in cooperation with CJ Logistics) have also provided free logistics services to quickly collect and deliver aid supplies to the earthquake victims.

We sincerely appreciate the support of the above mentioned companies that have magnanimously cooperated with us in transporting the donations of our valuable Korean blood brothers and sisters.

The Embassy will ceaselessly carry on its efforts so that precious relief goods, weighing hundreds of tons, can be safely and quickly delivered to Türkiye.


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