Press Release

Seul Büyükelçiliği 12.02.2023

Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye

In Seoul

12 February 2023


Unfortunately, it has been recently witnessed that there are ill intentioned persons and so-called organizations attempting to exploit the good will of our citizens and our Korean sisters/brothers who are mobilized to heal our wounds following the earthquake in our country.

In some social media platforms, an organization called Global Business Alliance (GBA), established in Seoul, is claiming to arrange financial assistance and help in hand fundraising activities in coordination with the Turkish Embassy to provide support to the earthquake relief efforts.

Global Business Alliance has no connection with our Embassy. As well, its administrator is a person who is wanted by the Republic of Türkiye. In this context, it is in no way possible that the donations made to this organization can be transferred to Türkiye. On the contrary, it is highly likely that these donations will be used for said organization’s own purposes.

In this regard, we especially request our citizens and Korean sisters/brothers to make their donations to the Turkish Embassy, AFAD, Kızılay (Red Crescent) and Korean Red Cross as well as other reliable and well-known institutions.

On this occasion, we would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our Korean blood sisters and brothers.


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