Message Of H.e. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan On The Occasion Of The Victory Day

Seul Büyükelçiliği 30.08.2019

“Today, we are celebrating as a nation, one of the golden highlights of our glorious history, the 97th anniversary of the 30th of August Victory Day.

On this day, our hearts and minds are with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Commander-in-Chief of the Turkish War of Independence, members of our National Assembly and our brave armed forces who gifted this day to our nation.

I would like to congratulate the Victory Day of each one of our citizens in our 81 provinces, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and all over the world.

The Great Offensive that started on the 26th of August 1922 under the Command of Mustafa Kemal, resulted in victory in Dumlupınar on the 30th of August.

With this epic victory, our nation broke the chains of servitude and manifested to the entire world that it would not compromise its independence at any cost.

This great victory, which led to the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, is also an extremely uplifting moment for the Turkish nation.

Like all our victories in history, the 30th of August was the result of the courage of our heroes who sacrificed their lives without hesitation.

Our nation, is ready today as it was yesterday, to show the same sacrifice and courage for its independence and future.

Today, the heroic efforts of the Turkish Armed Forces in order to protect our national interests within and outside of our borders is the clearest proof of this resolve.

We are determined to fight against the traps set up against our country in the north of Syria, Iraq and the Eastern Mediterranean.

We will never allow anyone to highjack the rights of our nation and the Turkish Cypriots.

We are inspired and encouraged by the Great Victory, to continue our struggle to move Turkey to a brighter and more prosperous future.

With the support of our trusted friends, the wisdom of our great nation, and the prayers of our brothers and sisters, I am confident that we will prevail, just as we did 97 years ago.

With these thoughts, I once again honor the sacrifice of our martyrs and veterans and send my greetings to all our brothers and sisters in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Happy Victory Day. ”


Durmuş Ersin Erçin Ambassador
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